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Bidet Shower Stainless Steel Hand

Bidet Shower Stainless Steel Hand

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Dual valve design Efficient diversion More hygienic, you can control the water flow by turning the valve you want separately to divert the water between the toilet and the hand shower, this is a very convenient design if you have soluble cleaners in your toilet, this will prevent odors from entering the pipes.
The brushed silver stainless steel housing looks classy and goes well with modern bathroom design.
Good workmanship with careful treatment of the joints and chamfers to ensure a comfortable feel, using high quality stainless steel and piping.

Hose length: 60 cm
Fit: Euro 3/8 (three eights)
Scope of delivery: gun*1 + one or two angle valves*1 + gun foot*1 + gun hose*1 + packaging box*1

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